Weddings & Events

Performance Rates

Our rates for events vary depending on services requested, travel to the location, and length of the performance. A starting point for planning in the greater Portland area is $400. As we travel further from Portland, the fee is adjusted for the travel time and transportation costs. All the rates are for two musicians. Contact us for rates for solos and groups.

General Events

Cocktail Party, Holiday Party, Dinner Party, Office Party, Museums, Funerals, etc. (excludes weddings) within the greater Portland area.

For events longer than four hours, or outside of greater Portland, please contact us for a price quote.


Because of the time required for planning, preparation and communications, and because the start time and length of ceremony frequently vary from plans, the following fees apply to Weddings. The fee includes:
Wedding events that take place within the greater Portland area:

For weddings outside the greater Portland area, up to one hour away, there is an additonal fee of $50.

For weddings between one and two hours away from the greater Portland area there is an additonal fee of $100.

Travel Expenses

For anything outside the greater Portland area, a fee of $.50 per mile based on one car, round trip from Portland.

Casco Bay Island Travel

We LOVE traveling to the islands.
We ask that you cover our ferry tickets and parking costs.
In the case of an unusually long wait for a return ferry,
    we request some food and refreshment.

Special Musical Arrangements

If you have special requests for your event, and we don’t have the music, we’re happy to obtain it and arrange it for our instruments. The time involved can vary, depending on the piece, and we won’t know how long it will take to arrange until we see the original. Finding the music can sometimes be a lengthy process, and is something we should discuss. Fee for arranging music is $35 per hour.

More Questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your question is addressed there. If not, then please contact us directly.

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